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Erik Jippes
Janine ter Veld
Project Manager
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Project Manager
Marina Ageno
Functional Lead Analyst
Financial Analyst

Robert de Vries

Financial Administrator

Ruben Engbers

Dylan Mezach
Data Analyst
Guillermo Garces
Technical Operations Coordinator
Lead System Architect

Germán Schuager

Data Architect

Pablo Rovedo

UI/UX Designer

Gustavo Nano

Yamilla Gomez
QA Tester
Functional Analyst

Fernando Poncino

Functional Analyst

Luciana Di Tocco

Functional Analyst

Daniella Janssen

Functional Analyst

Laura Dominguez


Sebastian Talamoni

Emilio Ezequiel Buchaillot
Software Developer
Agustin Angel Zuccato
Software Developer
Software Developer

Lisandro Massera

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Nelson+ B.V. is a Joint Venture of the the RADventure group and the Institute for DiagNostic Accuracy (iDNA). Through their extensive experience in lung cancer screening, ICT, screening workflow and data management solutions, the Nelson+ platform was developed.

The RADventure Group is highly specialised in delivering tailor-made ICT solutions both for commercial and public companies to support their primary processes. Their solutions are shaped in close cooperation with their customers in a process in which everyone can focus on their own craftsmanship. They have more than 30 years of experience with large-scale screening programs like the Dutch national Breast Cancer program (approximately one million participants per year), and the Dutch National Cervical cancer screening program.

The quality and experience of their employees and an innovative, proven technology approach guarantee their customers solid and state-of-the-art systems. The smart reuse of software and sensible sourcing guarantees value for money. This is how RADventure enables its customers to focus on their business goals.

The RADventure Group is ISO 9001:2015 certified guaranteeing customers and partners a continuous high-quality service with proven standards and a constant focus on the  improvement of services. In addition, RADventure is committed to protecting the environment in compliance with environmental laws and practices of the communities where it operates.

Read more: https://www.radventure.com/

The institute for DiagNostic Accuracy (iDNA) is a Contract Research Organization specialized in early stage lung cancer, and researching new technologies for the early detection and treatments of lung cancer, with comorbidities in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)/emphysema. Key to the early detection of lung cancer are high quality lung cancer screening programs and therefore iDNA wants to set the ‘’golden standard’’ for worldwide lung cancer screening. Not only do they offer A to Z guidance for the lung cancer screening implementation process itself, they are also on the research frontline in this area of expertise and offer educational solutions for nodule management as well. Partners are provided with newly developed software solutions, such as data tracking systems and e-Learning tools for radiologists.

iDNA has a Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) division specialising in the field of lung cancer screening,  They can provide support for any lung cancer screening related HEOR questions which is strengthened by the collaborations with their academic partners.

Erasmus MC (main applicant) and iDNA (NL) are part of a consortium executing the European lung cancer screening trial: 4-IN-THE-LUNG-RUN (4-ITLR). The goal of the study is to evaluate personalised strategies in recruitment, screening intervals, smoking cessation and other co-morbidity (coronary heart disease and COPD) prevention strategies.

Read more: https://www.i-dna.org/

André van Rossem, Director

André van Rossem has a background in Software Development environments since 1998 and has particular experience in providing Healthcare Medical Screening Solutions since 2003. André has a Master degree in Control System Engineering (University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom), a Bachelor BSc degree in industrial Automation (University of Professional Education of Utrecht, The Netherlands)  and a Bachelor BSc degree in Control System Engineering (University of Professional Education of Arnhem and Nijmegen, The Netherlands).  During his career, he worked for several large companies like Philips and Heineken.

André was a project manager in several large healthcare projects, like the Dutch national Breast Cancer program (approximately one million participants per year), and the Dutch National Cervical cancer screening program.

In his spare time, André likes to play padel, walk in nature and spend time with his family and friends.

Erik Jippes, Director

Erik Jippes has a background in working in a medical academic environment, with medical imaging, in particular, enabling him to understand and act on the complexities in hospital environments. This is of great importance for implementing lung cancer screening programmes.

Erik has a Master of Business Administration and holds a PhD in social networks and innovation processes in healthcare. He worked for more than 14 years at University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and was responsible for several large public–private partnerships, pre- and post-award project management for funding support (H2020, national and regional grants), and charity fundraising. 

He was manager of several large-scale population-based early detection and screening trials in lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In his spare time, Erik likes to travel with his wife and three children, and he likes to play beach volleyball and mountain biking.

Janine ter Veld, Project Manager

Janine ter Veld is responsible for the execution and monitoring of international lung cancer screening implementation projects. Her current focus is business development, partner contracting and strategic decision-making.

Janine holds a Bachelor in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences with a specialisation in ‘Science, Business and Policy’ (University of Groningen, the Netherlands). Her interest in healthcare originated from her chemistry internship at Johnson & Johnson in Cape Town, South Africa, after which she chose to focus more on the pharmaceutical industry. Janine has a can-do attitude and excellent communication and organisational skills. In her spare time, Janine likes to do sports such as kickboxing and fitness.

Jeannie Eng, Senior Project Manager

Jeannie has worked in healthcare for 20+ years in Canada, Australia and the UK. She started her career as an Occupational Therapist with a particular expertise in brain injury & stroke and moved on to work in management roles within the NHS. Jeannie has projected managed several research studies in stroke and lung cancer and more recently, she managed the set up and implementation of a Targeted Lung Health Check programme in London.

In her spare time, Jeannie is an avid tennis player. She also has a passion for travelling and to date has visited 98 countries.

Sara Casanueva, Project Manager

Sara has worked in Healthcare for more than 15 years. Sara holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Masters degree in ICU. She worked as a Nurse for 13 years, started her career in Spain, and then moved to the UK in 2016.

3 years ago she finished her MBA in Healthcare and started working in the Lung Health Check Programme for NHS as part of the management team. She has always been interested in Health-Tech and after finishing a program with Microsoft for Automation in Healthcare she decided to sign up for a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence which she is currently studying.

Thanks to her wide background, Sara can understand both the clinical & technical challenges present in the healthcare industry when implementing new systems and protocols.

In her spare time, Sara travels around the world to attend international congress for Salsa Dancing.

Marina Ageno, Functional Lead Analyst

Marin Ageno has a background in Software Development environments since 2005 and has particular experience in providing Healthcare Medical Screening Solutions since 2018. Marina is a System Engineer, graduated from the National Technological University, Argentina. In Nelson+ Marina fulfills the role of Functional Analyst.

Together with the customer the functional requirements and implementation of the Nelson+ platform and desired screening workflow pathways are decided. The result will be a best-fit Screening Workflow solution for each screening organization. As Project Manager Assistant, Marina also coordinates the development team, making sure the requirements are accomplished in time and quality. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with friends and family and play volleyball.

Dylan Mezach, Data Analyst

Dylan Mezach completed the research master Biomedical Sciences (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) after which he started as Data Analyst at Nelson+. In this role, he will keep track of all matters related to data handling. He will make sure that data will be stored in an organised way and that security and privacy are ensured. 

Being involved in various projects within Nelson+,  he will be a central point of contact for data management. With a passion for bioinformatics and AI, Dylan can create the perfect bridge between the analysis of biological data and the required IT infrastructure. In his spare time, Dylan likes to play squash and go for long motorcycle rides.

Guilermo Garces, Technical Operations Coordinator

Guilermo Garces executes technical implementations for Nelson+ and coordinates the 2nd line technical support team. He has a background in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina) and more than 12 years experience in developing and designing screening solutions software. His previous experience was in the oil industry where he was working at Halliburton. In his spare time, Guilermo likes to go kayaking and do some homebrewing.

Yamila Gómez, QA Tester

Yamila Gómez has more than 10 years of experience in IT. She is an Aerospace Engineering student at Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Buenos Aires). She is studying a Master of Business Administration, and she got Business certifications from Harvard Business School. During her career she has worked for several international projects. Her last position as Technical Leader involved managing and training a technical work team. Yamila is responsible for ensuring and improving the quality of the NELSON+ lung cancer screening Applications. In her spare time, she likes to practice martial arts and fly airplanes.

Emilio Ezequiel Buchaillot, DevOps

Emilio Ezequiel Buchaillot has a background in Information Systems Engineer from Universidad Técnologica Nacional – FRC (Argentina). He is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (2021-2022) and Red Hat Platform Deployment (OCP) (2020-2022). He has more than 6 years working experience in software development, a vast experience in Kubernetes and all its environment and expertise in areas such as financial, healthcare and government. For the last 3 years he mainly focused on DevOps. Within Nelson+ Emilio oversees the implementation, deployment, and integration of the NELSON+ platform in healthcare environments. Emilio is a musician that likes playing padel in his spare time.

Agustin Angel Zuccato, Software Developer

Agustin Angel Zuccato has a background as System analyst at Capitan Gral. Justo J. Urquiza, Rosario, Argentina. Since the start of his career in 2005, he is involved in numerous successful software development projects. Since 2019 Agustin is one of the lead developers of the Nelson+ screening platform. He has several years of experience in providing IT solutions for Lung screening, for example in the European 4-in-the-lung-run trial and in lung screening programs in the UK (NHS). Agustin has a nautical interest evolving around aquarism, sea and ships.