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Comprehensive end to end cancer workflow screening solution

Nelson+ is a modular screening workflow management platform that is highly configurable to incorporate all your screening workflows.

Comprehensive workflow solution with end-to-end data management

Nelson+ is focused on the early detection of lung cancer, with incidental findings, like Coronary Artery Calcification and COPD/emphysema included. The complexity of management rises exponentially with scaling up your program to a regional or a national level. Keeping track of all data and communications is a must-have from regulatory, ethical and funding perspectives. Nelson+ services screening sites, hospitals and governments with these management challenges.

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Key features

Flexible Implementation Options

The Nelson+ platform can work 100% stand-alone or can be integrated with current healthcare infrastructure due to its modular architecture. Nelson+ integrates with other applications and screening technologies such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Population Registries, AI-reading solutions, HL7 brokers, PACS environments and different kinds of modalities and radiology workstations enabling seamless participant data flow.

Workflow configuration

Nelson+ can provide personalised screening pathways and configurable workflows to automate the screening process ensuring optimised, consistent and efficient screening management. The Nelson+ platform encompasses all steps of the screening workflow from identifying the high-risk population for screening, sending invitations, capturing clinical information during a lung health check appointment, generating results letters according to scan results and  screening outcomes.

Data integrity management

Nelson+ provides a secured platform with role-based security and access rights to preserve the accuracy and validity of data. Nelson+ supports a centralised anonymised data warehouse to provide key performance indicators for data analytics and data extraction. It also includes certified and secured communication channels and audit trails for log-in and changes tracking.

Personalised Dashboards​

Nelson+ allows multiple dashboards per user with a daily control panel that keeps track of your daily tasks and shows your progress in all steps of the screening flow in one overview. The daily control panel gives alerts, for example when invitations are not sent (in time), results are not processed- received- or sent in time, a client is waiting too long, a client has not been planned in, or when a client has not been assigned a specific workflow.

Decision tree customization

Nelson+ decision trees can be configured to preferred protocols and offers options such as phone screening, lung health check templates, randomisation tooling and screening result classification determination. Nelson+ has built-in protocols including the UK Targeted Lung Health Check protocol. To reach your target population and select individuals who benefit most, the population can be organised into target groups based on various parameters.

Report Dashboard

Nelson+ offers an easy-to-use configurable report generator for producing reports to provide insights into your screening program KPIs, like numbers of invitations sent or clients scanned,  number of positive screening cases etc. Predefined reports include the required NHSE Targeted Lung Health Check reporting requirements.

Communication tools

Nelson+ provides a management module for effective and secure internal and external communication. Nelson+ can provide a client portal for rescheduling appointments and communication channels that can be used for external stakeholder management and retrieving and updating participants from (national) population registries. It also includes auto-generation of letters based on preconfigured letter templates for sending invitations, automatic reminders, and follow-up or result letters to participants and GPs.

Capacity-based planning

Nelson+ capacity-based planning module can be used to manage appointments and CT scans availability according to predefined workflows, helping to optimise hospital CT capacity and staff resources. An algorithm for calculating the no-show probability can be used to optimise planning. Nelson+ allows the definition of geographical areas to different screening locations to achieve a higher uptake.

Managing Incidental findings

Nelson+ supports an Incidental Findings workflow pathway, including Coronary Artery Calcification and COPD/emphysema which is completely configurable according to your clinical requirements.  

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